In just a few short weeks, John Kiefer will be releasing his NEW Carb Backloading Diet Book.  Kiefer’s private clients have been using this protocol for quite awhile, with a ton of success.  John’s Carb Nite Solution was a huge success.  And his new book will follow suit.  Kiefer is known for taking all the BS out of nutrition, and going to the science.  He ignores the supplement ads, and does the research.  What he has come up with is best protocol to use carbs to manipulate your body composition.

Carb Backloading is the Secret to Painless Dieting

Obviously this site is brand new, but I plan to make it the #1 resource for the Carb Backloading Book.  This site will be updated often as more information about the program becomes available.  Be sure to bookmark this site, and check back often.  As soon as the program is released to the public I will be posting my complete review.

The Carb Backloading Book is Coming Soon